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John Butler, Acquiring Licenses and Permissions
The licensing process begins with your interest in acquiring a Butler work. Once you contact us, we can provide further information on the specific work. We will also discuss the suitability of the ballet for your company, considering style, size, and other factors.

After these preliminary discussions, we will prepare a contract and determine a schedule based on your needs and those of the reconstruction. The amount of time it takes to stage a dance varies with the work chosen and the dance company that is licensing it.

The staging process draws upon films and videotapes, original notes on the dances, and most importantly, the reconstructorsí personal experiences with John Butler and his style. We supply a tape (CD) of the music for rehearsal purposes, costume designs and lighting plot. You are responsible for making licensing arrangements for the music. The reconstructor, as the representative of the John Butler Foundation, retains sole artistic authority of the production. At the conclusion of the licensing period, we request a videotape of the ballet as performed by your company for our archives.

For more information, please contact the Executive Director William Soleau

home about ballets rights contact us